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ICBS, The International Committee of the Blue Shield, was established in 1996 by the four organizations ICOM, ICOMOS, IFLA and ICA. The mission of the committee is to work for the protection of the world's cultural heritage by co-ordinating preparations to meet and respond to emergency situations. The committee takes its name from the blue shield which is the symbol of the Hague Convention of 1954, dealing with the protection and rescue of cultural heritage in case of armed conflict or disaster.

In addition to the international committee, a number of National Blue Shield committees have been established in various countries, based on local branches of the same four organizations (later expanded to five, as CCAAA has joined the four original member organizations).

The Norwegian Blue Shield committee was formed in 2000 when representatives of the participating organizations set up a working group to promote cooperation within the framework of the ICBS. The group was later consolidated into a formal National committee.

The work of the committee has focused on national as well as international issues. On the national level the committee has worked to promote the establishment of a national emergency plan for cultural heritage in case of war or natural disaster and also to push for Norwegian ratification of international conventions dealing with cultural heritage, especially the Second Protocol of the Hague Convention. On the international level attention has been given to the situation of cultural heritage in conflict areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, and the committee has worked to push for Norwegian support for heritage rescue efforts and damage surveys.

Since the first meeting of national Blue Shield committees was held in Torino in 2004, Norway has participated in the process of creating the ANCBS - The Association of National Committees of the Blue Shield, which was founded in The Hague in 2008. Like all other national committees, Blue Shield Norway is a member of ANCBS and participates actively on the Board with Axel Mykleby as Treasurer of ANCBS.

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The Norwegian Blue Shield committee at present (2015 - 2016) consists of:

Axel Mykleby, chairman
Represents ICOMOS in the committee

Paal Mork
Represents ICOM in the committee

Mariann Schjeide
Representerer IFLA in the committee

Kari Ansnes
Represents ICA in the committee

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